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Visual CV

A  2-3 minute professional clip for individuals to share on social media and accompany a current CV.


When you have to say Goodbye, say it with BYEcam

Investment Plus (IP)

Ever wanted to invest in a Film, a TV show or even an Online Series for a good cause? Now you can with Shaddow Group Investment Plus (IP).

Visual CV

What you will get

A professional 2-3 minute clip to share via Social Media or send directly to an employer.

It covers each of the featured 4 areas.

Great accompaniment to a current CV.


Personal Employment History



Availability and Current Situation


Skill Set & Personality


Why They Should Be Employed



Have you ever been stuck for a great leaving present for a friend or colleague at work? We can help you create a “Goodbye / Farewell” DVD & Online Film which will feature each key member of staff. 


Filming can take place anywhere on or near the company location.


The Goodbye / Farewell film can be finalised, produced and delivered within 72 hours of the initial filming.


You can leave a hearfelt message and personalise it with  your favourite photos and music.

BYEcam is the best way to truly express your thoughts and feelings to a friend or colleague who is leaving, creating a lasting memory they can relive over and over. 


Shaddow Group Investement Plus (IP) Presenting 5 new ways of investing in Film, TV & Online


Invest in a feature film, which has already been made and requires investment for Marketing & PR


Invest in a drama series starring talent from the disabled community.


Invest in our music programs focused on helping youth get real music experience.


Invest in employability through drama.


Invest in F4U (Films  4 You). Via our reasonable tariffs, you fund and we make a film for you, ranging from a 10 minute film to a 1 hour 20 minute movie.