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Sam Addo

Producer & director of content, be it film, TV or online, Sam is your guy. With over 20 years experience and time at BBC, Channel U etc, he is a creative worth doing business with.


The newest street rapper out of Hackney….we let his music do the talking.
Contact Cardell on 07984 598838


Hip hop producer with over 20 years experience. He crafted the legendary Malarchi debut album and worked with an impressive list of 90’s hip hop scholars. Today he is causing havoc having upgraded to a multi genre super producer, lacing our ears with pop, house and beyond.

Contact Cardell on 07984 598838


DJ Cli

 Multi genre DJ with over ten years spinning with celebrities like the Game and the cream of the UK music scene. Catch him weekly at his residency at the world famous Corner Shop Club in Shoreditch, London.
Contact Cardell on 07984 598838